Meet the Family

Lawrence Holmefjord Sarabi performs at the Raven Theater 20 Dec

Owners and husband and wife team Lisbeth Holmefjord and Shari Sarabi are just as unique as the restaurant they created. Lisbeth is from Norway and Shari is Iranian. They met in Hawaii where they owned and operated 3 Italian restaurants for many years prior to moving to Wine Country over 20 years ago. They have since both made their mark in the Sonoma County food and wine industry, and Lisbeth's distinct accent greeting everyone with a big "Helloooo!" has become a warm and welcoming trademark of Lisbeth within the community. Together, they have created Baci Cafe & Wine Bar in Healdsburg, CA, where Shari is the Executive Chef and Lisbeth runs the front-of-the-house. Their mission is to use local and organic products where possible, to serve an authentic taste of Italy, while supporting the local community as a whole. Above all, they are committed to delivering the purest and most transparent intention in their cooking, showcasing their passion, character, and spirit in every dish. Baci Café & Wine Bar is the perfect blend of world-class cuisine and small town hospitality.

We hope that you will join us at Baci and discover our world-class Italian cuisine. Just as a great kiss will leave a memorable impact, so will an evening at Baci Cafe & Wine Bar. Baci (which means kisses in Italian) has made a big impact on the Wine Country dining scene due to its unique character, quality, and affordability. Locals and tourists alike have discovered that Baci is where they can go to enjoy a fine dining experience at a reasonable price. Guests leave feeling satisfied with the food, the wines, the service, as well as their pocketbook.

  • shari
    Chef Shari Sarabi

    Chef Shari takes great pride in creating Italian and Mediterranean cuisine to delight your tastes.

  • lisbeth-orange
    Lisbeth Holmefjord

    Our Sommelier will keep your glasses filled to the brim with a choice from our finest.