Chef’s Corner

“Chef’s Corner” is Chef Shari’s personal page to share recipes, cooking tips, fun facts, and stories. In addition, you will learn about some of the farmers he works with, and some interesting tidbits about cooking, and the ups and downs of owning a family restaurant.

In an effort to support the local community, Shari strives to source the majority of his produce, meats, and cheeses with local farmers that are out-standing in their field, and share a mutual commitment of sustainability, quality, integrity and innovation.

Chef Shari just added  Pesca con Gelato al Forno (Baked Peach with Gelato and Balsamic Reduction) to our Summer Dessert Menu. The dessert is prepared with special July Elberta Peaches which he sources from our local "Market Diva", Peggy Jo Sayre of Sayre Farms in Windsor, CA.  The July Elberta peach was first developed by the famous master plant breeder Luther Burbank , who moved to Santa Rosa, CA in 1875 and went on to develop more than 800 strains and varieties of plants. We hope you enjoy this recipe, and although we cook our peaches in our Wood Burnig Oven, you can also prepare this recipe on your stove at home. 

July Elberta Peach  Pesca con Gelato al Forno (Baked Peach with Gelato and Balsamic Reduction) Recipe for 4 


  4 Large ripe Peaches such as July Elberta
   2 Teaspoons of sugar
  2 Tablespoons of soft sweet butter
1 Quart of high quality vanilla gelato
Balsamic Reduction * see chefs note


Heat a large cast iron pan (big enough to fit 8 half peaches) in the pre-heated oven at 450 degrees, and while the pan is getting hot, cut the peaches in half and leave the skin on  but remove the pits. If the pit does not come out with relative ease, it signifies that the peaches that you have chosen are not ripe.

Rub a good amount of the soft sweet butter on the peaches, then sprinkle with sugar, and lastly top with a small drizzle of balsamic reduction.  Remove the pan from oven with a thick dry kitchen towel, and very carefully place the hot pan on stove or heat resistant surface. You will know that the pan is ready because it should almost be smoking. Carefully place all the peaches face down in the pan and return to the oven for another 3 to 4 minutes. While the peaches are cooking take the gelato out and set 4 bowls on the counter.

Take the peaches out, and place 2 halves, with the center facing up in a bowl place and top with a large scoop of gelato in each half drizzle. Finish with another drizzle of the balsamic reduction and serve immediately. You can get more creative and decorate with fresh berry, mint leaf and fan or cigar wafers if you choose.          

Buon Appetito!